Thursday, February 13, 2020

Management and leadership in exercise and sport Essay

Management and leadership in exercise and sport - Essay Example Hence management can be described as the art of getting things done or getting resources being used through people. This paper will look at the above mentioned functions of management and how they are employed in management. (Higgings 1994, p. 34) There are four basic functions of management. First management is involved in planning the resources for the organization. In this regard, management performs the work of determining resources that are to be used in the organization and how they are to be used. Management also carries out the work of leading the organization. In this function management works to direct resources in the organization on how they are to be used. This calls for application of leadership skills in order to direct others on how the resources are to be used. Management also functions to coordinate the operations of the organization in order to ensure that resources are used in the most appropriate manner. In this regard the management coordinates the functions of different departments in the organization so that they can function as one system. Management also functions to control the resources in the organization. ... Planning should act as the base under which all other functions of management are to be carried out. It forms the core operation of management function since there can be no management if there is not efficient planning of how resources are to be used in the operation of an organization. Planning involves the assessment of the needs of the organization and consequently coming up with ways on how those needs are to be fulfilled. Assessment helps the management to understand how all other functions are to be integrated in order to achieve the set goals. Basically planning involves setting goals and objectives that has to be achieved. (Purcell 2006, p. 5) Planning can simply be termed as an unending course of actions. It involves coming up with set of problems to be addressed and strategies that will be used to address the problems. Planning is therefore the way in which management assess the needs of the organization and consequently comes up with strategies aimed at addressing the specific needs. Strategies can be termed as a systematic way of addressing external and internal factors that helps an organization to achieve its objectives. Depending on the conditions and the needs to be addressed, the management may have to come up with different strategies or change its course of action in fulfilling its goals. This is function of management is called strategic planning. In this regard the management must take time to analyze internal and external factors that may affect the strategies of an organization to achieve the set goals. It invokes studying strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization in its pursuit o f achieving the set goals. This requires practical and

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